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Tips to solving marketing problems

Do you ever get frustrated with your marketing? Are you putting in a lot of effort but not getting the results you want? Don’t you wish you could just hit a switch and get a better response from your mailings, sales calls and web site?

You hear a lot about breakthroughs; is it all hype, or can yo u really create a breakthrough in your small business marketing and sales? I know that you can.

Managing time to ensure everything gets done is one of the most difficult tasks faced by business owners. We only got 24 hours in a day to do everything, like work, play, eat and sleep. But why is it that some people move ahead more quickly with their goals?

To be more productive, why not try to manage your priorities. List down all the activities that you do in your business each week. Then mark those task that are actively bringing in money to your business. These are the tasks which are attracting customers, strengthening customer loyalty, establishing you as an expert, or growing you into the business owner you want to be. Also these tasks are to be putted on top of your priority list.

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