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The missing link in real estate investing

I still remember a conversation I had with an individual who was looking at some at our real estate investing products. He confided in me that he had already invested 10s of thousands of dollars in real estate courses and boot camps and coaching programs and yet still had not done a deal!

I am sure he is not alone I believe that their is a missing link that makes all the difference in the world personal, hands on coaching. And not just any type of coaching but someone who will hold you accountable for your success and results. Sorta like be careful what you ask for because you will get it Coach.

Someone who understands that the bottom line is results. I have always said that my results speak louder than I care to. I want to invite you to apply for admission into one of our coaching programs. I warn you ahead of time that I am not looking for everyone to participate and will be very selective on who I allow to participate in this unique opportunity.

Please honest and forthright in filling out this profile form as each question and your answers do matter. Also, it is important to understand that  I do not coach for free or a percentage of deals done. There is no way I would ever personally coach you if you did not believe enough in yourself to get some skin in the game. Peter Conti has a program that is specifically designed for someone who wants to achieve success and is absolutely committed to the process.